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Product Squalene (Shark Liver Oil) 500 mg
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Brand Name Advanced Research NCI (Dr. Hans Nieper)
Item # NCI33012
Size 100 Softgels
Regular Price$42.90
Our Price $25.18
Long Description
Squalene is an unsaturated lipid molecule that serves as a structural component of cell membranes. Squalene is found in significant amounts in shark oil, olive oil and the human body. Squalene represents about 70% of the oil in the shark’s liver and 2% of olive oil. Squalene is found in elevated levels in the skin composing up to 11% of skin lipids. Squalene is a critically important cell membrane compound in maintaining moisture in the cells and along with 2-AEP it can reduce the effects of aging in the skin. Squalene combined with buffered vitamin C improves oxygen utilization in the cells.

Squalene is a critically important cell membrane free radical neutralizing compound that also helps maintain the moisture of the cells. Dr. Nieper used a combination cocktail of squalene, calcium 2-AEP, vitamins C, E and B1 for skin health. Squalene has important roles in antioxidant protection, wound healing, immune system regulation and the production of steroid hormones.

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Squalene (Shark Liver Oil) 500 mg

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