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Product Calcium Arginate with Aspartate
Brand Name Advanced Research NCI (Dr. Hans Nieper)
Item # NCI34252
Size 100 Vcaps
Regular Price$25.50
Our Price $15.25
Long Description
Calcium arginate is an orthomolecular Nieper mineral transporter where calcium is bound to the amino acid arginine. Calcium arginate delivers calcium to the inner layer of the cell membrane and into the cell cytoplasm. Dr. Hans Nieper found during his research that calcium arginate and magnesium arginate improved glucose transport out of the blood into the cells; making these supplements an excellent choice for people who have concerns about blood glucose.

Calcium arginate, calcium aspartate and calcium orotate are also considered to be some of the best nutritional supplements for bone and joint aging. The calcium and magnesium aspartates in Advanced Research Calcium Arginate with Aspartate provide an excellent vehicle for the absorption of the elemental calcium and magnesium, making this an ideal calcium supplement for optimal health.

Ingredients: 3 Capsules supply:
Calcium (as Calcium Arginate & Aspartate) 1500 mg 12%
(156 mg elemental calcium)
Magnesium (as Magnesium Phosphate Dibasic & Magnesium Aspartate) 338 mg 11%
(46 mg elemental magnesium)

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