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Product Chlorophyll Liquid Mint
Brand Name Bernard Jensen
Item # BJ01312
Size 16 Ounces
Regular Price$22.99
Our Price $15.86
Long Description
  • Derived from alfalfa leaves

    If you think unflavored chlorophyll supplements taste too “green”, you’ll love our refreshing mint flavored chlorophyll!

    Made from the finest alfalfa leaves available, liquid chlorophyll allows humans to take advantage of the same green pigment found in plants. Chlorophyll helps to cleanse the blood and changes blood pH to a more alkaline state. Chlorophyll also helps to neutralize body odors.*

    Mint flavored chlorophyll is a treat for the whole body. You can even use it as a refreshing mouthwash.

    Natural chlorophyll is not soluble in water, which doesn’t bode well for the human body that is over 50% water. To get around the problem, derivatives of natural chlorophyll, like sodium copper chlorophyllin, have made absorption into the body easier to maximize the health benefits of chlorophyll.*

    Each tablespoon of chlorophyll supplies 70 mg of water soluble chlorophyllins.

    If you prefer your chlorophyll in a different form, check out our Chlorophyll Tablets.

    Directions: As a nutritional supplement, take 1 tablespoon in a glass of water or juice twice daily, or as directed by your doctor. As a refreshing mouthwash, take 1 tablespoon in one-half glass of water.
    Refrigerate after opening. Keep out of reach of children.

    Ingredients: Water, Sodium Chloride, Peppermint Oil, Glycerin, Chlorophyllin Copper Complex (from Alfalfa Leaves Medicago sativa)

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