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Product Carrot Essence Juice Powder Organic
Brand Name Green Foods
Item # GF0017
Size 5.3 Ounces
Regular Price$21.99
Our Price $14.21
Long Description
Youíve probably been told at least once in your life that eating more carrots could improve your vision, but you might not know that thereís some truth to this old wivesí tale ó and there are more benefits available, too! Thanks to our special method of drying and processing our produce, Carrot Essence is nutritionally optimal, offering an impressive 138 percent of the RDA of vitamin A and 43 percent of the recommended amount of vitamin C per serving.

Green Foods Carrot Essence Is:

  • Full of more vitamin C than oranges
  • Packed with powerful antioxidants
  • Certified organic
  • More nutritionally available than whole carrots
  • Useful for promoting eye health, improving skin conditions, boosting your immune system and supporting liver wellness
  • Delicious, convenient and less messy than juicing

    How to Use Green Foods Carrot Essence
    Just one 5-gram serving (about two teaspoons) offers the same nutrition as two medium-sized fresh carrots. Mix your serving of Carrot Essence with 6 ounces of water to enjoy a nutritionally advantageous beverage thatís slightly sweet and refreshingly delicious. While we donít recommend adding Carrot Essence to warm liquids (the heat neutralizes the active enzymes), almost any cold liquid works. Try Carrot Essence in your smoothie or green juice, or mix it with Beet Essence or Green Magma for an exponentially healthy drink.

    Directions: Dissolve 5g (approx. 2 teaspoons) into 6 to 8oz of water or your favorite juice. Recommended once or twice daily on an empty stomach (20 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal). Storage: Store with lid tightly closed in a cool, dry place.

    Ingredients: Organic carrot juice powder, organic maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate from tapioca), organic acerola berry juice powder.
    Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).
    Does Not Contain: Added sugar, salt, colorings or fillers and is free of animal products, gluten, soy, wheat, yeast, corn and genetically modified organisms (GMO).

    Warning: Do not take with hot liquids since heat will neutralize active enzymes.

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