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Product Redness & Itchy Eye Relief
Brand Name Similasan
Item # SC0047
Size 0.33 Ounce
Regular Price$13.80
Our Price $9.52
Long Description
Redness & Itchy Eye Relief Drops
  • Redness eye drops you can use as often as needed without risk
  • Formulated with natural active ingredients that stimulate the body's natural defenses.

    We all want our eyes to be white and clear, but many are concerned about the chemicals found in redness relieving eye drops. Most over-the-counter redness relieving eye drops use chemicals such as vasoconstrictors to mask symptoms. Vasoconstrictors may actually worsen the symptoms if used more than directed (usually 4 times a day maximum). Similasan works differently, by using natural botanical extracts to stimulate the body's natural defenses and target the root cause, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals. Go ahead, use as often as needed.

  • No Harsh Vasoconstrictors
  • Formulated with Natural Active Ingredients
  • Gluten and Dairy Free

    Diections: For adults and children age 2 and over:
    eye drop instructions

  • remove tamper-evident seal from neck of bottle
  • twist cap off bottle
  • DON'T squeeze bottle, squeeze plastic tip to release 2-3 drops into eye apply as needed
  • replace cap after use

    Ingredients: Active Ingredients:
    Apis mellifica 6X - stinging, burning, itching
    Euphrasia officinalis (Eyebright) 6X - redness, irritation
    Pulsatilla 6X - itching, burning, redness, watering
    Sabadilla 6X - watering, redness of lids
    Inactive Ingredients: Borate buffer, Purified water, Silver sulfate (as preservative), Sodium nitrate
    Active ingredients are manufactured according to homeopathic principles.

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