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Product Sleep Perfect
Brand Name Earth's Bounty
Item # 121549-0
Size 60 Vcaps
Regular Price$19.99
Our Price $13.79
Long Description
Sleep Perfect takes a three-pronged approach to fighting slepplessness using three of the most effective approaches for getiing a great night’s sleep naturally!
  • The Mineral Approach. The calcium found in Sleep Perfect works to reset the brain’s “snooze button” so you feel ready to sleep when it’s time to sleep. And the magnesium helps to relax your muscles and calm the central nervous system. These two ingredients are highly effective on their own but I put additional sleep power in this non-addictive formula…
  • Hormone-Amino Acid Approach. This formula includes L-Theanine, an amino acid that promotes production of the brain’s alpha waves, helping to reduce tension, stress and anxiety that keep you awake at night. And melatonin, a brain hormone, tells your body it’s time to sleep.
  • The Herbal Approach. This last formula is the important finishing touch of Sleep Perfect. It’s a unique Herbal Sleep Blend that contains 5 of the most effective sleeping compound into a deep and natural sleep.

    Directions: Take it 30 minutes or more before bedtime. In virtually no time at all you’ll feel this all-natural formula working to prepare your body for a full night of restful sleep.

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