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Product Advanced Enzyme System
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90 Vcaps
180 VCaps
Brand Name Rainbow Light
Item # 150107
Size 180 VCaps
Regular Price$42.29
Our Price $31.72
Long Description
Advanced Enzyme Systemô
  • Potent & Full Spectrum
  • Eases Digestive Discomfort
  • Plant-Source Enzymes

    Complete digestive support with high-potency plant-source enzymes, includes enzyme-rich whole foods and brush border enzymes to aid break down of difficult-to-digest carbohydrates, plus botanical digestive support

    Directions: 1 capsule with or before each meal, or more if desired. Do not sprinkle on hot food.

    Ingredients: 1 capsule supplies: Plant-Source Enzymes Amylase 3,000 DU, Glucoamylase 7 AGU, Lipase 60 LU, Protease 7,500 HUT, Invertase 100 SU, Malt Diastase 243 DP, Cellulase 200 CU, Bromelain 39,800 PU, Lactase 100 ALU, Papain 38,870 PU.
    Food and Herbal Ingredients: Green Papya 30mg, Apple Pectin 30mg, Ginger [rhizome] 20mg, Turmeric [rhizome] 15mg, Fennel [seed] 15mg, Sea Vegetable Complex 15mg (Bladderwrack, Nori, Wakame), Peppermint [herb] 10mg.
    Other Ingredients: (all natural mineral and plant-based) beet root fiber, Capsule: modified vegetable cellulose, water.
    Guarantee: 100% natural and VegeGuard screened for vegans: no trace animal ingredients. Contains no sugar, lactose, wheat or allergenic yeasts.

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