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Product MCT Oil
Brand Name Bulletproof
Item # BUP02112
Size 16 Ounces
Regular Price$20.19
Our Price $13.90
Long Description
Sourced only from coconuts, Bulletproof MCT Oil contains two of the most ketogenic MCTs in coconut oil: C8 and C10. This flavorless, keto-friendly fuel is designed to power your day, curb cravings and keep you sharp. Add C8 C10 MCT Oil to smoothies, salad dressings and more. Formerly XCT Oil.


  • Sourced from 100% pure coconut oil no palm oil
  • Bulletproof MCT oil is triple-distilled from coconut oil using only heat, water, and pressure, resulting in a pure product
  • Made of pure C8 and C10 caprylic and capric acid, two significantly ketogenic MCTs in coconut oil
  • Keto-friendly way to fuel your body, curb cravings, and increase mental focus

    Directions: Start with 1 teaspoon and increase to 1 tablespoon over time so your stomach stays happy

    Add to recipes as a flavorless, versatile substitute for other oils

    Blend into Bulletproof Coffee or use it as a dressing, in tea, or drizzled over meals

    Add to soups, sauces, and other low-heat recipes that cook up to 320 F

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