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Product Barley Cat
Brand Name Green Foods
Item # GF0033
Size 3 Ounces
Regular Price$16.07
Our Price $10.99
Long Description
You probably know that itís important to eat your greens, but how many leafy vegetables make their way into your catís diet? Weíve made it our mission to create a portfolio of products that improve everyday life for you and your pets. With Barley Cat, you get a supplement that nourishes your pet and tastes great too.

What is Green Foods Barley Cat?
Our feline friends need a well rounded meal plan just like we do, and typically pet food is heat-processed, compromising much of the nutritional value. Over time, your pet may develop vitamin deficiencies.

Green Foods Barley Cat is juiced barley grass that weíve processed using a special low-temp, low-light technique. Whereas heat can easily destroy the active enzymes that make barley grass so beneficial, our approach preserves the grassís innate nutrition so your cat gets the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

Barley Cat Is:

  • Powdered barley grass in its most digestible form
  • Tasty and cat-friendly
  • Made with poultry liver for added flavor
  • Free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
  • Full of active enzymes and valuable nutrition
  • Helpful for fighting bad breath and improving digestion
  • Energy boosting and great for your catís skin and coat
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