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Product Ultra 40 (Liver Formula) Tablet
Brand Name Beverly International Nutrition
Item # B8515
Size 500 Tabs
Regular Price$49.95
Our Price $35.99
Long Description
Ultra 40 beef liver tablets
Derived from grass fed Argentinean beef
Desiccated Liver has been a training secret used by thousands of bodybuilders for more than four decades! Why? Because it works ... naturally!

All of us have gotten carried away at one time or another with trying to find that one magical or secret supplement that will give us the incredible muscle and strength gains that we’re more than willing to work so hard to achieve, but just don’t seem to come quick enough. Some of the newer supplements on the market (creatine being the best example) do work incredibly well for many people. However we always remind our clients that for continued gains they must stick with the basics of good bodybuilding nutrition. And for more than four decades desiccated liver tablets have been a mainstay of good bodybuilding nutrition.

  • Nutrient dense protein in tablet form derived from grass fed, steroid free Argentinean beef.
  • Increase lean body mass who want more energy.
  • Potent liver product on the market, addition of B-12 enhances protein metabolism.. Works best when taken with Mass Amino Acid Tablets
    What: Ultra 40 is a nutrient dense protein food (in tablet form) derived from raw Argentinean beef liver that is concentrated by vacuum drying at a low temperature. It is free of fats, carbohydrates, and any food additives.

    Who: Anyone who wants to increase lean body mass, people who want more energy, anyone on a restricted diet, as well as those who are clinically stressed.

    Directions: Beginners start with 6 tablets per day, one or two tablets with each meal or shake.
    Intermediates and advanced take one tablet per every 10 lbs of bodyweight divided over four to six meals (and shakes).

    Ingredients:1 Tablet supplies:
    Vitamin B12 75 mcg 1,250%
    Liver (as 4x concentrate) 2600 mg
    Other Ingredients:Cellulose, Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Silicone Dioxide.

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