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Product Lean Out
Brand Name Beverly International Nutrition
Item # B8523
Size 120 Caps
Regular Price$35.00
Our Price $20.95
Long Description
Beverly’s Lean Out formula is primarily composed of lipotropics, which have the ability to dissolve and metabolize fats. In essence, they emulsify stored fats and dump them into the blood stream to make them more available for your body to use as an energy source. With the lipotropics as the foundation, we added L-Carnitine, the amino acid that transports fatty acids right into the zillions of mitochondria in your body. The “mito’s” are the little energy producing power plants in your cells. They suck up fat and incinerate it, producing massive amounts of energy AND L-Carnitine provides the "mighty mito's" with even more of your unwanted fat to burn! L-Carnitine also works synergistically with Lean Out’s other ingredients (like CoQ 10) to increase the metabolism of carbohydrates, and protect your lean muscle tissue.

Lean Out Makes It Easier To Look AND Feel Fantastic!
You may be familiar with another of Lean Out's powerful ingredients, (Chromium Picolinate). But what you may not know is that new research has proven this form of chromium to be the best absorbed and the most effective at managing blood sugar (i.e. glucose, your body's main source of energy) levels. When you eat your body releases insulin to help move the glucose from your bloodstream into your cells. If your insulin isn’t performing properly, glucose that normally would have been burned by your cells, remains in your bloodstream, and gets stored as body fat. Chromium is one of the minerals that helps regulate insulin function, so it is an important addition, one that makes Beverly's Lean Out formula extremely effective. This form of chromium is a unique molecule that combines chromium with picolinic acid, which helps the body better absorb the chromium into your cells. In plain language, that means more of the carbs you take in are turned into energy, and less are available to turn into fat. Adults need at least 200 micrograms a day - that dosage not only allows you to feel more energetic - it can help optimize your metabolism.

Directions: For general weight loss and metabolic support:
Take one capsule with each meal and one capsule prior to training or cardio. For advanced fat loss and competition preparation: take 2 capsules with each meal.

Two week fat loss blitz: Take 2 Lean Out capsules with 1-2 Energy Reserve tablets and 2-3 GH Factor capsules 20-30 minutes prior to each meal.

Ingredients: 4 Capsule supply:
L-Carnitine 600mg
Choline 1000mg
Inositol 1000mg
Methionine 1000mg
Chromium Picolinate 200mcg
Coenzyme Q10 10mg
Betaine HCL 100mg
Biotin 450mcg
Vitamin B-12 100mcg

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