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Product NutriHemp Raw Protein Powder Plus
Brand Name North American Herb & Spice
Item # NF0209
Size 28.2 Ounces
Regular Price$59.99
Our Price $50.99
Long Description
NutriHemp Raw Protein Powder Plus – Wild Vanilla
Organic Sprouted Brown Rice & Hemp Protein
NutriHemp Raw Protein Powder Plus is the most ideal, potent vegan protein powder available. Protein is needed by every cell of the body—every day. Without it, cells and organs break down. Feel the strength and energy from the immense protein power of organic, sprouted brown rice and hemp protein combined with organic yacon, red sour grape, and wild chaga. Support your blood sugar, plus healthy weight loss and more, with NutriHemp Raw. It’s so filling you won’t even feel like eating a meal. Feel the strength and energy—always.

For strength training use NutriHempRaw Protein powder plus twice daily for building muscle, and it may be taken right before a workout. The amino acids in sprouted brown rice and hemp are completely bioavailable. Organic yacon provides inulin, an important prebiotic (FOS). Wild chaga provides key nutrients and strength components, making protein digestion and assimilation more efficient.

NutriHemp Raw Protein powder plus is unique, because it combines two raw vegetable proteins—sprouted brown rice and hemp—to provide a complete array of amino acids. All eight essential amino acids must be present simultaneously for optimal utilization. This novel formula also contains naturally occuring B vitamins, which boost protein assimilation. The inulin from organic yacon provides additional digestive support.

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