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Product UltraFLEX GOLD Joint Formula Capsule
Brand Name AgeLess Foundation
Item # FD0008
Size 90 Caps
Regular Price$34.99
Our Price $29.74
Long Description
  • Promotes joint comfort within 5 days!
  • Glucosamine & Collagen with patented Univestin®
  • Supports Joint Cartilage and Connective Tissue
  • Promotes Flexibility & Mobility
  • Safe and clinically studied ingredients

    UltraFlex Gold™ is a natural and safe alternative solution to support joint comfort and mobility. UltraFlex Gold™ contains patented Univestin®, a natural blend of two traditional plants that have antioxidant effects on the body by helping to neutralize free radicals. In clinical studies, Univestin® was shown to promote joint comfort, reduce stiffness and improve mobility amongst test subjects as compared to placebo.(1)

    Could joint comfort benefit your active lifestyle?
    If so, you’re not alone. Less than optimal joint health, is for many of us, a natural part of the aging process. Additionally, repetitive strenuous joint activity, body weight and genetics have all been known to keep you from optimal joint health. In the USA, an estimated 50 million adults have less than optimal joint health.(2)

    By 2030 it is estimated that 67 million of us, aged 18 years and older, will be in need of joint support. As a result, many of us could benefit from adding joint supplementation to support an active lifestyle.

    Medical professionals are increasingly recommending proper diet and regular physical exercise to help keep joints flexible, lubricated and mobile. However, those needing joint support may not be inclined to exercise as much as suggested.

    Get advanced triple action joint support with UltraFlex Gold™!
    (1) The Florida State University study on Univestin, 2012.
    (2) MMWR: 2010; 59 (39): 1261-1265.

    Directions: For best results this product needs to be taken consistently at the recommended dose. For the first seven days, adults take three tablets twice a day with a meal and a full glass of water (Six tablets daily). After the seven days loading phase, adults take three tablets once daily with a meal and a full glass of water.

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