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Product Gy-Na-Tren Vaginal
Brand Name Natren
Item # 14978-1
Size 1 Kit
Regular Price$31.95
Our Price $22.05
Long Description
For vaginal health.

GY-NA•TREN is your reliable and dependable choice for vaginal health. GY-NA•TREN is the only dual-action kit (Oral Dietary Supplement and Vaginal Homeopathic with a National Drug Code) available today. Now our probiotic supplement is stronger than ever, increased from 2 billion CFU to 5 billion CFUs in for optimized vaginal and urinary health support.

The homeopathic portion active ingredient is boric acid (boricum acidum) a natural antiseptic. Natren is an FDA registered facility. GY-NA•TREN is listed with an FDA National Drug Code (NDC #32267-920-14). The vaginal capsule is YELLOW in color to eliminate any confusion by creating a clear contrast between the oral and vaginal capsules.

GY-NA•TREN, the first ever multi-level approach is an innovative formulation for complete vaginal health.

Each kit comes with two bottles of 14 capsules each for a dual-action approach to vaginal health.

The pink bottle is a supplement for oral use, to balance the health of the intestinal tract. Each upplement capsule contains Lactobacillus acidophilus, NAS super strain, which can support hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production.

The yellow bottle is for vaginal use, containing boric acid, a natural antiseptic homeopathic preparation.

GY-NA•TREN can support vaginal health

  • 14 oral supplement capsules to balance the health of the intestinal tract.*
  • 14 vaginal homeopathic capsules containing boric acid which is an antiseptic preparation.
  • 1 complete box kit that gives a dual-action approach
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