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Product Jason Winters Tea Bags ORIGINAL BLEND
Brand Name Jason Winters
Item # LL0019
Size 20 Bags
Regular Price$19.99
Our Price $14.99
Long Description
JW Tea In Convenient Tea Bags
These teapot size bags of the original formula make a total of approximately 3 cups of delicious, almost instant tea. Find out why fine restaurants around the world have added Sir Jason Winters' Herbal Tea to their menus.

The no hassle way of preparing your tea. Just dip a bag in a cup of boiled water and enjoy the distinctive taste of JWT. A perfect way to share a cup with your friends and visitors. One tea bag makes several cups of tea.

Directions: Place one tea bag in a cup of hot water. Allow to steep 1-2 minutes. Agitate. Will make approx. 3 cups. Because of the difficulties associated with brewing herb teas (time), we have developed a special high-vacuum low-temperature method of pre-brewing JWT.

Ingredients: Special Spice, Red Clover, Indian Sage, Oolong Tea leaf and spices.

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