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Product Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen
Brand Name Innovative Natural Products
Item # OXYG08
Size 4 Ounces
Regular Price$23.95
Our Price $16.95
Long Description
Our Liquid Activated Stabilized Oxygen is processed by using activated charcoal filters which eliminate any trace amounts of free chlorine. The formula is based on dissolved oxygen, not on oxychlorine or other oxygen-based compounds. The dissolved oxygen isn't forced into the solution under pressure, nor bubbled through the solution to enhance absorption. Rather, the O2 molecules are "created" from the actual solution itself and are stabilized using proprietary techniques. It is at a pH of about 8.6 which is the perfect pH for internal and external use.

A lack of sufficient oxygen in the bloodstream can reduce the body's first line of defense. Having more oxygen in the bloodstream can reduce pathogens and help to maintain a proper immune system. Oxygen can also help to promote quicker healing from diseases and injuries. Appropriate oxygen, without free radicals, can provide a person with more vitality and energy.

Ingredients: One teaspoon supplies: Chloride 2 mg Chromium 0.01 mcg Iodine 0.02 mcg Manganese 0.05 mcg.
Other Ingredients: Water, Charged Trace Minerals, Sodium, Carbon, Calcium, Copper, Lithium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Selenium, Sulfur, Silicon, Cobalt and Zinc.

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