Diabetes and supplements: what can help?

There are various natural alternatives that can help in the fight against both types of diabetes. While supplements cannot reverse the disease by themselves, they do help strengthen the body and fight against the various effects of diabetes. It is best to try to get these nutrients from food whenever possible, and if you already suffer from diabetes, consult with your doctor before taking supplements. Vitamin C: Enhances capillary strength, which improves blood flow. Vitamin E: An antioxidant that helps in the healing of diabetes-related lesions. Vitamin A: Can help reduce the risk of blindness in diabetes. Zinc: Taken daily, helps control blood-sugar levels. Chromium: Improves the uptake of glucose into cells where it is used to produce energy. (Diabetics are usually chromium deficient.) Magnesium: A deficiency of magnesium is common in diabetics. Ginkgo biloba: Extracts of ginkgo stimulate blood flow and help reverse damage to arteries. Fish oils: Help improve insulin efficiency by enhancing blood flow and reducing the clumping of red blood cells. Gymnema silvestre: This Ayurvedic medicine has been used in Africa and India for centuries to improve blood sugar levels.

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