Colostrum promotes immune function

A healthy body depends heavily on a healthy immune system. Functions of the immune system include both recognizing and remembering alien substances such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites; and also responding when an invading agent is present. A balanced and healthy immune system is essential to the body's ability to defend against infections; anything we can do to strengthen our immune system will help to assure our well-being and longevity. Today, however, there are a dizzying array of factors that contribute to the general weakening of the body's defenses. Current research indicates that antibiotics have begun to fail as the resistance of many infectious strains increases. The extensive spread of infectious diseases has made it increasingly more difficult to fight these same diseases. Fortunately, recent research has uncovered a natural agent that can potentially save lives and increase the quality of life for many people. Colostrum, and its various constituents, is this newly discovered agent, and represents an exciting and natural way of aiding in the prevention and curing of disease. The discovery of how colostrum can effectively train one's immune response is a very exciting development in today's health world. The principal role of colostrum's communication agents (sometimes referred to as transfer factors) is to transfer immune recognition signals between immune cells and thereby assist in educating naive immune cells about a present or potential danger.
Bacterial Infections: It would appear from the results to date that transfer factor therapy may be able to slow the initial rate of bacterial growth, allowing the slower humoral immune system more time to arm itself and generate the needed antibodies. This should result in shorter and milder courses of bacterial infection. In essence, the research surrounding colostrum and its various immune function enhancing agents is both exciting and impressive. Investigators are optomistic about the many potential uses colostrum has in treating a wide variety of infectious and other diseases. With more time and data, we will ultimately see how valuable this supplement can be in promoting overall great health.

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