Definition: Chlorella are single-celled green algae, thought to have the richest content of chlorophyll. They are traditionally used as a blood de-toxifier. Chlorella contains an impressive array of vitamins and minerals including 19 amino acids, RNA and DNA. Like other forms of algae, it is recommended for blood building, boosting the immune system and inhibiting both bowel and blood toxicity. Testing is underway to evaluate its phycocyanin content for cancer treatment. Like spirulina, chlorella can help to protect against ultraviolet radiation.
Applications:Blood builder, blood purifier, cataracts, chronic diseases, chronic fatigue, diabetes, food supplement, hepatitis, hypoglycemia, gastritis, glaucoma, obesity and weight loss.
Recommendations:Chlorella is available in capsules, tablets, powder, flakes, freeze-dried crystals, premeasured packets and extracts. It can be a good source of vitamin K. Make sure to look for pure products.

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