The Right Reasons to Take Chromium

Some bodybuilders take chromium picolinate in the belief that it diverts energy to building muscle and strength. However, the majority of controlled studies in humans do not show a beneficial effect ofchromium on body composition or strength in weight lifters.
But there's no question that chromium is essential for human health. Chromium plays a role in the body's use of energy--providing carbohydrates, protein and fat--and, when in short supply, the mineral is associated with impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes-like symptoms. Indeed, high doses of chromium have been shown to reduce biochemical indicators of diabetes.
Additional studies may validate chromium as an effective therapy for adult-onset diabetes. Reasearchers anticipate chromium's ability to reduce blood glucose will also reduce diabetic complications that stem from chronically elevated glucose. Be aware, though, that if you are taking antidiabetic medications, you should try chromium supplementation only with the cooperation of your doctor so your glucose and insulin can be monitored.

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