The Body-Mind-Spirit Connection: How It Affects Healing

Today, the therapeutic values of touch, massage, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, aroma therapy and even prayer testify to the fact that all of the senses of the human body respond to healing. In addition, we are only now starting to comprehend the magnitude of our body's's ability to self-heal. Studies show that 90 percent of patients who seek medical help have self-limiting disorders or disorders that will go away by themselves without treatment. Suppressing symptoms with harsh drugs or invasive techniques can actually compromise the body's ability to heal. Natural therapists believe that when augmented with the proper nutrition, when cleansed of toxins, or when balanced through chiropractic or osteopathy, the body will often heal itself.
Sadly, the notion that the physician is a teacher or an advisor has also been forgotten. People will usually spend more time discussing the pros and cons of a car purchase with a salesman than completely going over their health concerns with a doctor. Eating habits, emotional states, etc. are rarely questioned and diagnosis is based on high-tech machinery and laboratory tests. By contrast, natural health practitioners ask detailed questions concerning every aspect of a person's life, including the spiritual and include the patient in the healing process. In many instances, doctors have forgotten how to truly care for their patients and do little more than scratch out prescriptions. Natural protocols have long recognized the effect of negative attitudes and emotions on the physical body.

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