Queen of the Meadow (Eupatorium purpureum)

Definition: Particularly good for joint disorders, this herb helps promote the healing of strains and sprains and helps to alleviate the pain of gout caused by uric acid deposits.
Applications:Arthritis, bladder infections, Bright's disease, bursitis, gallstones, gout, joint pain, kidney infections, kidney stones, neuralgia, prostatitis, rheumatism, urinary disorders and water retention.
Scientific Updates:Queen of the meadow simulates the gland and organs that clear the body of toxic waste. It has been clinically established as a good treatment for rheumatic and gouty joints due to uric acid deposits.It is considered a tonic for the genito-urinary system and can promote suppressed urine flow. Queen of the meadow works as a therapeutic agent on the uterus and prostate gland.

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