Naringen, Hesperitin and Rutin

These three bioflavonoids are also efficient antioxidants and work synergistically with vitamin C and the proanthocyanidins to scavenge free radicals. Moreover, this particular trio of flavonoids has significant antiallergenic properties. Studies have indicated that these compounds can inhibit the release of histamine, which is the chemical cause of a whole host of miserable allergic symptoms. We hear so much about anti-inflammatory drugs today and they are routinely prescribed for a number of disorders. Several laboratory tests support the fact that these flavonoids can significantly decrease inflammation by preventing histamine from permeating vessel walls. Obviously, any allergic condition, edema or other inflammatory diseases would substantially benefit from this vascular action. In addition, if you bruise easily, this group of bioflavonoids is particularly desirable. Naringin and hesperitin significantly prevent capillary fragility and interstitial bleeding.

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