Definition:Certain substances which sour, such as active cultured yogurt, buttermilk and certain cheeses, contain Lactobacillus acidophilus that enhance digestion and elimination by effectively digesting proteins in the bowel. Acidophilus also helps to detoxify harmful bacteria by helping to restore friendly bacteria that keep certain microorganisms in check. Non-dairy sources of acidophilus are available. All sources, whether liquid or capsule, should be refrigerated and taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Check expiration dates before purchasing any acidophilus products. Acidophilus supplements should be taken after antibiotic therapy or their effects will be neutralized.
Applications:constipation, yeast infections, mouth sores, colon problems, fungal and bacterial infections, diarrhea, high blood cholesterol, indigestion and malnutrition.
Recommendations:Acidophilus can be taken in capsule, tablet, liquid or edible forms such as buttermilk, yogurt, etc. Always check for expiration date and use guaranteed bacterial count products with lacto and bifido bacteria.

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