Noni is a fruit with extraordinary healing powers and most North Americans have never heard of the tropical plant. It's been used for over 2,000 years in Polynesia, China, India and elsewhere with remarkable success. Like aloe vera, kelp and papaya, the extract of noni has demonstrated a wide variety of health benefits Research indicates that noni stimulates the immune system, regulating cellular function and regeneration of damaged cells. The fact that noni appears to operate on the very basic and critical cellular level may explain why it's useful for so many conditions. Actually, noni has over a hundred primary and secondary applications. The tropical herb is invaluable as a healing agent because of abilities like lowering high blood pressure; working with melatonin and serotonin to regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles; increasing body energy; acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic agent; alleviating pain; antibacterial properties; and inhibiting precancer growth of cancerous tumors.
Noni, which has remained relatively unknown to the people of North America, has demonstrated in research to possess remarkable healing properties. Dr. Ralph Heinicke discovered a new alkaloid called xeronine, which he believes plays a critical role in the maintenance and reconstruction of malfunctioning cellular tissue. He believes that all of the building blocks to make xeronine are readily available in noni, and healthy people generally have adequate amounts of all the components in noni except for proxeronine, which is available in only marginal amounts. A lack of proxeronine in our bodies may lead to and/or aggravate a wide array of health problems, mental problems, digestive problems and much, much more. For a more extended discussion on noni and its medicinal applications, read Dr. Neil Solomon's Island Noni: The Tropical Fruit with 101 Medicinal Uses, now available from Woodland Publishing.

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