Green foods pack big nutritional punch

Spirulina:An extremely popular type of algae harvested from various sources from around the world, but mostly from warm-water alkaline water sources. Its nutritional make-up consists largely of amino acids, carotenes, vitamin B12, and phytopigments. Spirulina is also more easily digested than other alages, which contributes to its popularity. Research investigating spirulina indicates that it is a potent antiviral agent and can promote various immune system functions.
Chlorella:Another popular algae harvested from freshwater sources. Chlorella has one of the highest chlorophyll contents of all known plants, making it valuable just as a nutritional supplement. It also possesses a large number of nucleic acids, which are used by individual cells in repairing damaged DNA, RNA and other genetic material. Like spirulina and blue-green algae, chlorella has been shown to possess potent immunostimulatory properties and fight the activity of viruses and bacteria.
Blue-green Algae:Sometimes confused with spirulina, blue-green algae has had some controversy surrounding its supposed value as a nutritional supplement. A lack of research has contributed to this controversy, but there are widespread claims of blue-green algae's high nutritional content and therapeutic properties.

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