Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)

Definition:Used by Native Americans for generations, goldenseal root is a favorite among herbalists for its anti-inflammatory effect and antibiotic-like actions. The bitter nature of this herb has also made it an effective remedy for digestive disorders and as a bitter tonic for gastric ulcers. Strained infusions of goldenseal have traditionally been used as a soothing eye wash.
Applications:Diarrhea, eczema, eye inflammations, flatulence, gallbladder disease, gastritis, giardia, hemorrhoids, impetigo, indigestion, infections (viral and bacterial), liver disease, excessive menstrual flow, mouth sores, rhinitis, ringworm, ulcers and vaginitis.
Scientific Updates: Laboratory tests have proven goldenseal's ability to protect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including tuberculosis bacteria.107 It helps to reduce vaginal and uterine inflammation.108 Tests have found that berberine-containing herbs can be more effective in treating gastrointestinal infections than standard antibiotics.

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